San Diego, Califorinia USA

Bringing film and photograpy to you!
BlueSky Productions uses advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology and traditional photography/video cameras to capture photographs and videos of live special events, art & entertainment events, sports games, wild life, real estate, and much more. We are FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilots and fully insured to operate worldwide.

Our over 25 years of experience produces results that are breathtaking aerial/land photographs and video footage—that perfect angle in the best light—whether for a professional film, a real estate listing, a special event, or any other occasion, as well. Whether running a simple photo shoot or acquiring complicated aerial video coverage, clients can expect not only top-notch quality and service but also unmatched safety protocols in the aerial photography industry. Each UAV captures brilliant, 4K high-resolution footage for every project. We can take your photography needs to new heights. Whether breathtaking aerial videography or crisp, clear close-range images—our drones and cameras are capable of acquiring the perfect material for every occasion. 

Our drones are able to get closer to the action than a fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter and are capable of capturing up to 4K video. Transmitting the video back to our operator in real time allows us to guarantee you get the shot you need. To make a great first impression, studies have shown that professionally photographs and videos generate more online interest. Ask about our real time video streaming capabilities to YouTube.

Our corporate office is located in San Diego, CA. Our contact information is 619-400-3564 and [email protected]